Friday, October 30, 2009

Wall Street Lingo

I know, I know, the language we use at Magnum Opus Financial sounds just like what you hear on CNBC or Fox Business News. There is a reason for that, we want to educate you. My pledge is two fold.

1) If you continue to read the blog, listen to the Lunch @ the Market segments on the MOF News Network Radio Station (you can find it at and look at the 4 little rectangles that make up the MOF News Network in the middle of the page on the left) and Follow us on Twitter at MOFinancial. If you read and listen to all of those, then I promise that you will in fact learn the lingo.

2) We commit to you that we will make videos for you on the MOF TV Station (our YouTube Channel) that will explain all of the complicated terms in easy to understand skits. Where we just can't figure out a skit we'll pull out the black board and get all teacher on you.

Between these two pledges, we pose that we will be the number one place to go to learn not only all about investing, but what to invest in. Thanks for all the feedback from those who have been looking around and learning. Don't forget to leave that feedback on the blogs and other media! We love the emails and phone calls, but we need to let others know that people are also reading/watching/listening to the same stuff!

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